In this fast paced world we often forget the simple things of life, which give us so much joy. The smell of freshly baked cake and bread is certainly one of them. With the 100% natural baking mixes from “Sweet & More” and “Tasty & More” you can easily sweeten your hectic everyday life with wonderful delight. Everything you need, you surely have at home. Add milk, eggs and butter according to the instructions and done! Simple – Delicious – Fast!


Chocolate muffins

The chocolaty temptation for in between. The delicious muffins from “Sweet & More” invites you to pinch a bit. Easily made and the perfect portion for the small hunger!

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake – the classics. So simple it may be, with this chocolate dream from “Sweet & More” each afternoon coffee becomes the highlight of the day.

Wild berry cake

The forest is calling! The wild berry cake from “Sweet & More” is just the thing for all those chocoholics who want to combine sweet with a fruity touch.

Nuts cinnamon cake

For all cinnamon lovers! The nuts cinnamon cake from “Sweet & More” doesn’t only taste at Christmas time. With its unique flavor you will be whisked away into other worlds day in, day out…

Cookies with chocolate

Chocolate cookies for home baking? Yeah, right seen. The culinary delight from “Sweet & More” sweetens life. And that without having to worry about the right recipe.

Chocolate cake & cookies

For chocolate lovers around us! A crunchy pleasure that runs in the mouth, as the compliments of the guests are not long in coming.

Party cake

Have you invited many guests or do you need to bake for a great occasion? With our “Sweet & More” Party Cake you will not disappoint your guests.

American cookies

Chocolate cookies for baking at home? Yeah, right. The culinary delight from “Sweet & More” sweetens life. And without the worries about the right recipe.


Chia seeds bread

Chia seeds have not only been a remedy of the Maya, they also taste good! And especially delicious they are in the chia seeds bread from “Tasty & More”. This way baking bread gets a child’s play!

Pumpkin seeds bread

The well-tried pumpkin seeds bread doesn’t get out of fashion! Easy to prepare this bread from “Tasty & More” is a great part of a healthy diet. Baking bread made easy!

Pepper-tomato-onion bread

For those who like it spicy. With the pepper- tomato-onion bread from “Tasty & More” for home baking the compliments of the guests are not being long in coming.


You have a big party and you don´t know what to prepare. We have the best idea! Our PIZZA from Tasty&More for home baking is the best idea for an evening with friends!


Haven´t you found yet the right FOCACCIA recipe? But now! The new FOCACCIA from “Tasty & More” for home baking is perfect for your next party.