Olives are ideal as an appetizer or snack, as well as an ingredient for salads and other dishes. They represent an important food component of the entire Mediterranean region. Manolo’s Food offers the best selection of these delicious fruit of high nutritious value, rich in fiber, amino acids and antioxidants.

Spain is the world’s largest producer of olives and has the largest selection of varieties, some of them are marinated with traditional methods, sold exclusively locally and are rarely used for export.


There are green and black olives, which are available in different varieties and packaging.

Pitted, unpitted, whole, sliced, stuffed with anchovies, red pepper, garlic, almonds, cheese, etc…



Trading unit

Tin, glass, doy-pack, plastic bucket.


Capers and caper berries are harvested mainly in Spain, Morocco, Iran and Turkey. Spain has only a small part of the production. The largest amount that is consumed in Europe comes from Morocco.

Capers and caper berries are the smaller and more expensive ones. The fruit is the same, but with the difference that they mature longer. Therefore, the larger the calibers, the more intense and sweet flavor they have.


There are capers and caper berries with different sizes (caliber) and packaging.

Nonpareilles (7 mm), Surfines (8 mm), Capucines (9 mm), Capotes (10 – 11 mm), Fines (11 – 13 mm) y Gruesas (from 14 mm).

Fine (0-15 mm), Medium (15-18 mm) and Great (from 19 mm).

Trading unit

Glass, plastic bucket and barrel.