Manolo’s Food GmbH offers:

  • The best service with the best prices for trade, gastronomy and industry
  • Sustainable products of the highest quality at competitive prices
  • Cost reduction of products in its range
  • Alternative high-quality products at lower price
  • Private Labels of any kind

Manolo’s Food, is a food trade company in Salzburg (Austria) with great experience in the German and Austrian retail and food distribution market.

Since late 2007, we have been working with the German and Austrian market, with wide range of mainly Spanish products.

Our structure enables us to supply the German and Austrian markets and to carry out any kind of promotions. We work with more than 100 manufacturers and more than 1,000 reference products. Thanks to our flexibility and our wide product range, we areable to specialize in all segments of the market, making it possible to respond to the specific needs of each client.

We are able to supply all kinds of products at affordable prices. We work with major carriers and are able to make both, dry and refrigerated transport. In addition, we can also supply even small quantities if needed.


We love the Mediterranean, its climate, its landscapes, its relationship with the sea, its people, its cultures, the smell of its markets, the taste of its cuisine.

Olive oil, olives, cured ham, fish and seafood, grilled meat, bread, pasta, and especially, a wide variety of spices, are typical ingredients of the gastronomy that has crossed borders.

The Mediterranean diet is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle, of respect for the landscapes and local agriculture, of traditional odours and flavours, of shared festivities and countryside walks.

In Manolo’s Food the old and traditional culture, whose wealth comes together from the combination of the cultural and commercial exchange, is of great value.