Himalayan pink Salt

It comes from the region of Punjab (Pakistan), and it is considered the purest, beneficial and free of contaminants salt found on Earth.

It is very rich in minerals and trace elements like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Its pink color is due to the traces of iron oxide.

Despite its low content in sodium chloride, which makes it particularly healthy, the Himalayan Pink Salt retains a strong salty taste.

Sea Salt Costa Blanca

More than 240 km of coves and cliffs make Costa Blanca one of the most appreciated European territories for rest and leisure. This jewel of a landscape and climate is the shelter of small traditional saline ponds, of great biological interest, as they have helped preserve wetlands with an extraordinary wealth of fauna and flora.

This salt is known for its mineral wealth and its refinement, which exalts any dish.

Grill-Mix – Salt with Spices

The must-have seasoning of any barbecue. For those who like a slightly spicy touch.

Contains salt of Hawaii and natural sea salt, with a special blend of various spices, among which the most noteworthy the chili and the pepper.

Spanish – Salt with Spices

Enjoy Spain from your home. Made with natural sea salt and 4 different spices that can make you travel to the typical Spanish cuisine, simple and tasty at the same time.

Ideal for seasoning any type of meat or grilled vegetables. Try it with simple baked potatoes, delicious!

Italian – Salt with Spices

Made with natural sea salt from Sicily, mixed with 6 different spices that take us to the best trattorias in Tuscany.

Refreshing taste that greatly accompanies any dish, especially tomato with mozzarella, pasta and fish.

Chili gehackt

These are really spicy chilis, 108.000 Scovile!! This feature, together with their aesthetic appearance, makes them ideal for savory dishes. The indigenous peoples of the Americas used chilis as a kind of panacea. Today, there is proof that the ingredient in chili peppers, capsaicin, increases the enjoyment of food, because it stimulates the gastric secretion which makes many dishes easier to digest. Moreover, chili peppers contain vitamin C as well as valuable phytochemicals such as flavonoids and carotenoids.Ideal for grilled meat and chicken, pasta dishes or as a slightly spicy topping on salads. Chili lifts your mood, lets unwanted pounds melt away and protects against diseases.

Black Pepper

From ancient times the curative and aromatic properties of the black pepper were already appreciated; that’s why we present this healthy spice. In addition to maintain its aroma and flavor, it must be in grain and grind it manually with a grinder; just to enjoy a good stew or a juicy meat.

Pepper Mix

There are so many curative properties of peppers, which makes a pepper grinder essential for any dish. Ideal for seasoning grilled meats, fish and sauces.

100% natural, no dyes, flavor enhancers or additives