Manolo’s Food GmbH has a highly qualified, motivated and experienced staff.

We speak German, Spanish and English fluently and are familiar with the business practices from Austria, Germany and Spain at the same time.

Our sales network consists of 2 sales manager, with the support of 4 agencies with approximately 60 sales representatives, giving us the opportunity to be active in both countries, Germany and Austria.


Our responsibility with the environment reaches all areas of our activity, including the packaging of our products, through that Manolo’s Food GmbH was honored in October 2010 with the BIO certificate “Trading with original packaged organic products”, by the SLK (Salzburger Landwirtschftliche Control GmbH).


Our activity is based on sustainability and most of our products run under the seal “CSR” (Corporate Social Responsibility) which are produced in a sheltered workshop. In 2013, together with TEB Barcelona, market leader in Europe, “Trade & More” was born and provided great results already in the first year. The project generates healthy, 100% natural, sustainable and environmental friendly food, through the use of reusable packaging among other things . For this we select the best suppliers with safety and environmental criteria and those who guarantee sustainable agriculture.

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Our manufacturing processes are certified by quality standards such as ISO and IFS, which guarantee that we respect the requirements of our customers and continuously improve the safety and quality of the products directed to our consumers. All of our processes (management, production, marketing, sales, …) have different quality certificates, inspired by the best culinary traditions to be able to present innovative and at the same time healthy products. In order to be able to do this, we use the best raw materials (oil, salt, spices, etc.) without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorings or additives…

As a logical conclusion the family “& More” is born.

The Supply Chain Initiative

Manolo´s Food is committed to good business relationships and also to the principles of good practice which respect contractual freedom and foster competitiveness.

Manolos Food, is a food trade company in Salzburg (Austria), which has more than a rich experience in the German and Austrian retail and food distribution market.

Since late 2007, we are present in the German and Austrian market, with a very wide range of mainly Spanish products.

With our structure we are able to attend the German and Austrian markets and to control any kind of promotions. We work with more than 100 manufacturers and more than 1,000 reference products. Thanks to our flexibility and our wide product range, we are specialized in all segments of the market, so that we can respond to the specific needs of each client.

We are able to supply all kinds of products at an affordable price. We work with major carriers and are able to make both dry as refrigerated transport. We can supply even small quantities of goods.


We love the Mediterranean, its climate, its landscapes, its relationship with the sea, its people, its cultures, the smell of its markets, the taste of its kitchen.

Olive oil, olives, cured ham, fish and seafood, grilled meat, bread, pasta, and above all, a wide variety of spices, are typical ingredients of the gastronomy that has cross borders.

The Mediterranean diet is a symbol of healthy life stills, with respect for the landscape and local agriculture, from traditional smells and tastes, from common festivals and country walks.

In Manolo’s Food we attach great importance to the old and traditional culture whose wealth is the coming together of different products, by the cultural and commercial exchange.