Manolo’s Food & More is going to exhibit in the main European food fair ANUGA, del 10 al 14 de octubre (pabellón 10.2 A013) from October 10th to 14th (Hall 10.2 A013). Herewith we will show our compromise and the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. As a novelty, we present four new products that our sustainable intentions meet: The Persian Salt-Block, our exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Or de La Terra”, the new pate/spread range on 100% natural ingredients and in an elegant “Weck” glass of “PATE & MORE” and our new natural baking mixes for making cakes, bread, risotto, paella, foccacia, etc.. These innovations complete a wide and varied range of products from the family “& More”, free of preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors.

You will experience cooking-shows with our Persian Salt-Block, where you can taste different dishes, with this new cooking technique, which are simple and healthy cooked. The Persian Salt-Block is marketed since June, with an excellent market acceptance.

Pate&More is the brand that gives the name to Pates/Spreads with 100% natural ingredients, free of preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors.

“Or de La Terra” is our flagship gourmet extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina olives, which we introduced in ANUGA. The century-old olive trees from the region “Les Garrigues”, cradle of the Arbequina olive, give this olive oil the necessary “Excellence”, which may be identified by its softness and aroma.

And finally, the fourth series of products of our “&More” family that we introduce in ANUGA. This was developed to combine the tradition of home cooking in our society with the current “fast life style”. Ready baking mixtures for the preparation of cakes, bread, risotto, paella, foccacia, etc., made of 100% natural ingredients that are recognizable by the transparent bottle. Delicious and in a simple manner and without compromising on quality and healthy eating, Baking & Cooking.

Our compromise with the social responsibility of Manolo’s Food & More is both in the entire product range, as well as in the stand-construction in ANUGA reflected, which is made of wood from certified forests and recycled pallets from its own recycled pallet factory in Barcelona. We also bring about the creation of jobs for people with disabilities.